Julim Rosa

Julim Rosa is a born art lover who started tattooing after building her first DIY tattoo machine in 2008, before attending Central Saint Martin in London in 2009.
Originally from Argentina, yet freely traveling the world following her curiosity, research and artistic practice.

She combines her conceptual art practice with her tattoo work, and is currently developing the project "Time Together", researching on the statement: How long should it take to do something that will last forever?

From simplified elements of nature to narrative or mysterious scenery, she delivers an impeccable execution of her custom designs. Her work combines black-work, line-work and dot-work, exploring the whole range of possibilities these techniques provide and using them to achieve a deep solid outcome.

She loves drawing custom designs from her clients personal experiences, the geometric challenges and composing with organic elements. She is keen in working in big projects and finding clever solutions for cover-ups.


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