Madame Unikat

Aurélie Moigno aKa "Madame Unikat" is a French artist based in Berlin since 2008 and the happy owner of Unikat.

After exploring many fields of artistic expression, such as etching, painting, collage and embroidery, Aurélie crossed the path of Vicky Pila who shown her how to tattoo with the hand poked technique.

Hand poking, also called "stick and poke", is a method where the ink is brought under the skin dot by dot using a regular machine tattoo needle. It usually damages less the skin, hurts less and heals faster. Since it is a 100 % machine free process, it indeed takes longer to execute a specific drawing, requesting patience and concentration. A healed hand poked tattoo tends to keep some sort of grain or vibration yet last as long as a machine made tattoo. It is a great method to tattoo difficult areas of the body, where the skin is uneven in its quality such as the hands or feet, but it is also perfect to deliver really thin and light lines, making it ideal for tiny tattoos and script.


For bookings: email with subject "Madame Unikat", your desired Design, its size and body placement as well as your available date.

Please note that Madame Unikat does NOT tattoo on the torso nor inside the biceps.