Now that you got tattooed, 50% of the final result is in your hand as you are alone responsible for best taking care of it.
After your tattoo, your tattoo artist will explain you how to proceed during the healing process. Eventually you will also be provided care instructions in written form.
Please respect the instructions given by your tattoo artist because there are the best adapted to your case.
Feel free to drop an email to your artist may you have any questions during the healing process, or to swing by the studio for advice.
If you lost the after-care-instructions that your artist gave you, you can find it hereMadame Unikat After Care Instructions.

Here are the general Do’s and Don’ts for an optimal healing process:


  • Do wash your hands before you apply the cream your artist recommended on your tattoo. Keep it clean, keep it creamed.
  • Always protect your tattoo from the sun with a strong sunblock. This will help your tattoo not to fade overtime.


  • Do not get into any intense physical activity right after getting tattooed.
  • As your tattoo will heal and your skin will form a scab, do not excessively stretch this body part.
  • Do not take a bath, go to the sauna, swim, expose your tattoo to real or artificial sun for a period of two weeks following your tattoo.
  • Do not pick on the sab of your tattoo. If it itches, it is part of the healing process and we recommend you apply cream on it.
  • Do not put any product that contains alcohol or fragrance on your tattoo for two weeks. We recommend you use a ph neutral soap to wash your skin, as you must keep your tattoo clean.
  • Do not get in contact with dirt, dust or oil.
  • Do not use your regular towel to dry up your tattoo. In order to avoid the bacteria, you should tap dry your tattoo with kitchen paper.