Get the Buzz!

🍬Guest Announcement: Ntmrz🍬

Colourful hand poke artist Ntmrz will be with us from 22/08-25/08.

Check out her work on IG here and send her a DM directly to get some sweet new ink 🍭

Guest Announcement: Lena Fedchenko

We’re super excited to welcome back our friend and returning guest Lena Fedchenko to Unikat 🌷

Check out more her colourful, floral works here

and send her an email directly on to get booked in!

Guest Announcement: Judski

We’re delighted to welcome talented tattooer Judski to Unikat from 15th-18th August.

See more of their work on IG here

and get into contact with them directly on: for some fresh new ink 🌷

Guest Announcement: Vobo

From 8th-10th of August we welcome handpoke artist Vobo to Unikat

Contact them directly to get booked in, and see more on their IG here

Guest Announcement: KMEN

👅Guest Announcement👅

French handpoker KMen will be with us this from 6-9th August

Get in touch with him directly via DM or email to get booked in 💋


Guest Announcement: Oliver Whiting

Next week we will have super cool guest artist Oliver Whiting with us at Unikat from 27th-30th July.

Hit him up via email to get booked in:

& see more of his work here

Guest Announcement: Max Newton

Our lovely friend Max Newton will be back at Unikat for one day only!

He will be with us on 21st July; DM him ASAP to get one of his pieces!

& make sure to follow him on his IG page

Guest Announcement: Ani des Aubes

🌼Guest Announcement🌼

From 19th-21st July super lovely Ani des Aubes will be joining us at Unikat. Drop her a mail directly to get booked in and check out more of her work on her IG here


Guest announcement: Meester Prikkebeen

Our dear friend and super talented hand poker will be back with us from 23rd-25th of July and we are very excited to welcome her back.

Hit her up via her website in order to get booked in here

and see more of her beautiful work on her IG here

🌿Guest Announcement: Emily Ink.and.Earth🌿

🍃🌿We’re super stoked to welcome our first ever Bamboo artist to Unikat this July: Emily Ink.and.Earth¬†🌿🍃

We love how the bamboo technique she uses creates such soft delicate work. See more on her IG here

Get in touch with her directly to book in:

In case you would like a custom design, message Emily directly with your ideas or your story for one of her enchanting pieces¬†🌿